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Happiness increases through sharing, Sorrow decreases through caring

Circular Living Wales is the first initiative in Wales to promote circular lifestyle. This project has started by KIRAN in Roath, Cardiff during April – May 2020. Gradually KIRAN developed this as one of its ongoing projects to increase wellbeing in local communities. During the pandemic, we have conducted a research, as a part of the Welsh Government initiative, in local communities. The findings have led us to include ‘Circular Living’ as one of our projects.

What is Circular Living?

Circular living is the way of life which implies that there will be enough resources for everyone on this planet forever. It is based on the regenerative and restorative process of supplying for everyday necessities from finite resources available to mankind. The concept of circular living differs from linear living in the following terms. 

In the linear process, a product will be made, consumed and finally be expected to end up as waste in the land fill. Most of the things we buy normally is designed to end up as waste. It could be a garment or electrical equipment, whichever we buy, usually meant to last for a defined period of time and be wasted after that period. In short, linear system is designed to produce, use and create waste at the end of a definitive period. 

The circular process on the other hand creates a product with its end life in mind. It focuses on the retrieving the usefulness out of the wastes and reusing the materials at the end of lives. It creates a never ending cycle of production and consumption, which in turn reduces waste.   

Why Circular Living is important?

Circular Living has never been more important. It offers following benefits to humankind.  

  1. Reduction in landfill. There are numerous adverse effects of landfill including ground water contamination, greenhouse gas, air pollution to name a few.
  2. It reduces Carbon Footprint by recycling and reusing the products.
  3. It increases wellbeing in local communities by distributing excess from the ‘Have’ to the ‘Have nots’. This helps to reduce inequalities in local communities.
  4. It prepares us for a sustainable lifestyle. 
  5. This concept reduces the use of plastic and promotes the use of bio-degradable natural product
Thank you for reading our page. If you are interested to take part in this initiative, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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