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Our Dreams

Our Dreams

KIRAN aspires to achieve the following through its Circular Living Wales project

  1. A consistent system of recycling, restoration and regeneration by raising awareness among local communities
  2. Help local community members use their household products efficiently and find a new home for their unwanted and unused household goods. 

We follow different forms of activities to promote circular lifestyle in our communities:

  • Go-Zero – We convert old and unwanted textile materials into useful items, such as doormat, tableware and handbags.
  • Fix and Repair –  We collect old and unwanted textile products, mend them and redistribute them among the people in need.
  • Hand Down – We assess the needs in local communities, collect household products which are in working order (but no longer in use by the owner) and give those products a new life by re-distributing them among people in need.
  • Animal Benefit – We collect old rags, blankets and towels, bedcovers and bed sheets from local communities and pass it on for animal welfare.  
  • The above activities help reduce carbon footprint and landfill. 
  • This will improve community welfare by reducing inequalities among local communities. It creates a system to transfer the surplus resources from one part of communities to the other. 
  • Due to COVID 19 pandemic, when people are suffering mentally, emotionally and financially, Circular Living Wales can benefit a large section of communities by relieving hardship and misery through Recycling, Restoration and Regeneration.
  • If you want to take part in our initiative, please contact us.

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